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E134: Why I Don’t Believe In Traditional Retirement Anymore

Updated: Nov 11, 2021


The “American Dream” has changed, our times have changed, and our capabilities have changed so why should our expectations and idea of retirement stay the same? I don’t believe in the idea of traditional retirement anymore. The idea that we would work our entire lives notably our prime years of health doing things we hate with the hope that we can retire and do everything on our bucket list when it’s more difficult or impossible makes no sense to me. With both the CEO’s of Marriott the largest hospitality hotel group and Airbnb the largest gorilla warfare of hospitality and experiences with eyes on “workation” as their biggest growth I see a bright future for us all doing bucket list items and retiring now. Killing overhead, managing life creep, killing debt, and getting income from the things we love with mobile abilities to connect to a larger market of the world via the internet gives us the ability to retire younger and do everything we want. No more limiting ourselves based on what has “always been done”. Let’s wake up from work and start living.

In This Episode We Cover

  • What does your retirement look like ?

  • Managing financial risk

  • Not feeling like yourself at a day job

  • The gamble of living for retirement

  • Different Ways To “Retire”

  • How times have changed and what that means for our changes in abilities

  • Peeling away life creep

  • Kill your overhead

  • People can retire younger with changes in expectations and planning

  • What is retirement? Changing the meaning of it


“I”m not ethically who I need to be in that situation because I have to lie about being happy. I have to play defense like that and it really sucks to not be who you are.” - Host Dave Swillum

“People would wait till 66 to tour around the country well now you can while you are working for income, people can get income from doing content that’ never existed.” - Host Dave Swillum

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