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E170: Tips On Building YOUR Team W/ Dave Swillum


Everyone who wants to be the best needs a TEAM. On todays episode we talk about signs of which places are best to build a team around, industry differences, personal differences, what to look for in your team, and what that looks like in your life. In art, business, or life everyone needs a go to to help them with things they aren’t good at or hate doing so let’s talk about making the best one to help you on your mission.

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In This Episode We Cover

  • Building a team

  • It doesn’t mean you are hiring all these team members

  • Every industry is different

  • Every person has different strengths and weaknesses to focus on building around

  • What do you procrastinate?

  • What are you not as good at

  • faster, better, or at scale

  • Types of things to look for out of your team

  • They have to be the best


“Finding the right people who are willing and able to work with you really well at the tings you need them to do whenever you need them to do those things and getting into a rhythm with them that allows you to amp up whatever you do.” - Host Dave Swillum

“ If I don’t like something I say it really early right away. This gives the opportunity to correct something or change their relationship with you.” - Host Dave Swillum

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