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E171: Creating A Vision Board W/ Dave Swillum



In the past we’ve talked about how impactful and statistically proven it is that when we write things we intend to do they are more likely to happen on prior episodes. Why should your bucket list or long term visions be any different? A vision board is a great tool for anyone to just show visually what their intentions are to keep their eye the prize, stay top of mind, and help create regular action to move towards the things we want the most. On today’s episode I talk about what they are, how they can be made in a number of ways, and where I think the ideal location of one is to help you go after the things you want to tackle before you are out of this world! A 0 bs talk on a self help principle I find very helpful to have around my office and think to.

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In This Episode We Cover

  • What is a vision board?

  • Why use one?

  • What should be on a vision board?

  • Where should it be located?

  • Writing down goals or putting them into a physical form make them more likely to succeed

  • Make it how YOU want

  • Ways to make a vision board visually appealing as a room piece and not noticeable right off the bat to others if you don’t want to share yet

  • Examples from my personal board


“These are the things that I intentionally put time, energy, and money into to make them happen like 100%. This is a thing that’s going to happen in the 5200 weeks I’m alive. “ - Host Dave Swillum

“ Have a bunch of images that represent things that are part of your vision in a way that is appealing, exciting, and in a place that you see frequently.” - Host Dave Swillum

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