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E77: The W's Of Sharing Your Vision W/ Dave Swillum


It’s hard enough finding what your true vision for life is let alone finding where and when to share it so it benefits your efforts. Join me on this quick solo episode breaking down what I’ve learned and experienced from sharing my vision with others.

Controlling the energy and pressures induced from sharing it with others to help you get closer to your creative goals. Not everyone should know what you are planning all the time because they may not help while others definitely should. Sometimes it isn’t the time or place but manifesting comes from sharing what you can offer to the world. Let’s chat.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Writing, telling others and saying out loud manifests

  • Finding your people

  • Who can and can’t hear it?

  • Where will you get negative and positive reactions

  • Energy & Pressure

  • Accidentally challenging others

  • Self awareness and empathy

  • Trial vision sharing

  • Putting out bread crumbs of the vision to gauge the room

  • Is it an open or closed conversation?

  • You need a compass that people see


“ When you right it down or say it to other people you are creating pressures and energy that make it more real or easier to achieve.” - Host Dave Swillum

“ In the middle can be a slippery slope because you can be in the middle for a long time. You can get one goal done and go on to another and it stays in the middle.” - Host Dave Swillum

“ Gauge your room, gauge yourself.” - Host Dave Swillum via Meagan Swillum

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