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E152: Living As A Creative & High Performance Athlete: Playwright & Embracing Adversity W/Chris Leon



On today’s episode we speak to Coach Chris Leon from the Performance For Life Podcast / Move Weight, Playwrite, and father. Chris believes fitness evolves over time which brings him to where he is in life now. With a view of physical, mental, and spiritual as all important factors that make up our whole health Chris and the Performance For Life Podcast focus on living a high performance life in all aspects instead of just one. We speak on the athlete v. creative life and blending the two. We also speak to understanding yourself through your creative and therapy, embracing adversity, and living whole.

In This Episode We Cover

  • The complexities of different people

  • Athlete and creative

  • Understanding more about yourself from what you create

  • Going to therapy

  • How conditions can be super powers

  • Different stages in life

  • Embracing adversity

  • Being present

  • Writing your first play

  • Hyper visual thinking

  • Living a healthy life

  • Giving up before you blow up

  • You can have both


“ Society likes to put people in boxes and say this person’s this and that persons that. I guess it works but the human experience doesn’t allow for that.” - Chris Leon

“ I had to take on adversity from a battle perspective. I had to go to war, I had to defeat adversity. That worked for a very long time, but it doesn’t work for me anymore so I had to find a new way.” - Chris Leon

“That’s the thing that kills me the most, when people play the game hard and they play for 5 years and stop before they blew up on year 6 or they work doing things they have for 40 years then get sick when they finally stop to do their dream.” - Host Dave Swillum

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Resources Noted In This Episode

Understanding The Mind

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