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E107: Imposter Syndrome - How To Identify & Move Past The Biggest Thing In Your Way As A Creative



This episode I had to talk about the biggest issue in the way of every creative and entrepreneur out there….IMPOSTER SYNDROME. This is something that luckily is talked about a fair bit in modern self help but with over 100 episodes in on living a life you and want and living creative full time I knew this was something we had to speak on. Whether you know what is or don’t this episode is for you. We work through how to identify imposter syndrome in yourself with common indicators, how to work through it, and examples/common place on this very frequented feeling of high achievers and many others.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Things to detect imposter syndrome in yourself

  • All types of people experience imposter syndrome in all stages of their career.

  • When you are living in imposter syndrome

  • Self awareness

  • It comes in waves through life at different stages

  • There are always people better and worse than you at what you do

  • You are something to someone regardless of your opinion on yourself

  • No one cares what you’ve done in the past if your results are what they want.

  • Why achievers are disproportionately affected by imposter syndrome


“We build a universe inside our heads that makes us feel this way like we are undeserving of that title even if we live it.” - Host Dave Swillum

“If you’re procrastinating it why are you doing that?” - Host Dave Swillum

“People will always be better than you and always be shittier than you. No matter how long you’ve been doing whatever it is that you’re doing you have to remember whenever you’re judging yourself off others, people are always going to be better than you at something and always be shittier than you at something. Just do your best always and thats it!” - Host Dave Swillum

Resources Noted In Podcast

Imposter Syndrome Definition

Harvard Business Review

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