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E99: Getting The Loan To Get Started, 21 No's To Get Yes W/ Dave Swillum

Updated: Mar 16, 2021


During my recent project I called 22 different banks to finally get the loan I needed on number 22. Sometimes we don’t get the yes on the first try, the 3rd, or the 10th but there is always a way even if it isn’t what you planned. On this episode we talk through the situation, negotiation principles, and persistency when you have no other option. Understanding the environment you are trying to accomplish the task in and the bias built in to who may be in front of you making the decision. Let’s dive in to how to make something happen when you need it to going after your creative living full time.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Taking out your first loan for business or real estate

  • Don’t take a loan out unless you need to

  • A rapid change in expectations

  • Sink or swim situations

  • More than 3 calls/ try’s

  • If you want it, go get it

  • When you get no

  • Negotiating successfully

  • Getting creative in business

  • There’s always bias behind who makes the decision

  • Create a win for everyone

  • Being open to different solutions than you know


“Maybe that’s why I was successful with it because I knew I had no option. 100% sink or swim, it had to work.” - Host Dave Swillum

“If you want it, you’re all in like it has to happen, has to happen, you might have to call 3 people, 22 people like me, or 300 but you can make it happen. Sometimes people will say no multiple times but it doesn’t always mean it’s something just on you. Keep trying.” - Host Dave Swillum

“ When you’re working with people, people are people first. The faster you can find that out the faster you can get to that other side.” - Host Dave Swillum

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