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E137:Fighting Hyper-Consumerism, Financial Literacy For Kids & The $ of Happiness W/ Erik Neighbour

Updated: Dec 6, 2021



Discussing and sharing new ways to address financial literacy in children and in schooling is a passion for me coming from a background where I really didn’t feel like I was taught anything about any of the tools that have become so pivotal to me over the past few years. Today I speak with co-founder Erik Neighbour of the app “Gaurdian Savings” aimed at helping kids work with parents to mange their savings and understand money in a real way at a young age in hopes they can make strong decisions earlier in their life growing up. We speak on the real delta between happiness and money and what isn’t needed for it. Discussions goin through Erik’s history living in 6 different countries and 3 continents growing up in many non-consumercentric environments to bring a fresh perspective to addressing this deeper thought. We touch on app creation, entrepreneurship, and much more.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Moving around the world as a child

  • What it is that makes them happy

  • How money can make you happy but different than you think

  • Poor spending habits in American culture

  • Balance of real happiness and money

  • Creating an app

  • Not being raised in a consumer centric world

  • Youth financial literacy

  • Creating positive habits

  • Alternative college fund ideas through investments


“I’ve seen people living in mud houses but they might be happier than you and I.” - Erik Neighbour

“ In places like Bolivia, there really weren’t too many places I could go to and crave that stuff. Living in a less consumer centric world. This thesis changed my outlook of how we educate kids.” - Erik Neighbour

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