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Episode 9: Can You Be A Parent & Entrepreneur? How Greg Creates Content and How It Can Help You Too

Updated: Feb 25, 2019


Episode 9

So I’m not a father yet, definitely someday. One thing I’ve heard from a lot of my listeners and friends has been a question of how we go after our dreams while we have a family at risk with our financial and time management. Gregory Schurman is a friend of mine that I used to work sales with and we have both been close in communication hustling to go after what we want. About 2 years ago Greg had his first kid and is still busting his ass to grow in the video and content creation field and is really starting to get some traction. I wanted to talk about his story and how he combats his fears and families fears about him pursuing his passion while taking care of his family.

Another point we tackle is how useful and impactful content and social media can play in their business, their brand, or their dream. Creating video, photo, or audio content that coincide with your vision or your dream can help you meet and form a relationship with your customers or community before they have met you. We buy from brands we know and trust, we as human beings are no different in that way. The podcast has been my first form of content and in 1 season of 10 episodes its made a huge impact on me going in depth with other people doing similar things that I do and creating a community around it to work together to tackle this stuff.

In This Episode You’ll Discover

  • Media consumption and creation is changing and growing into everyone's life

  • How can content creation help you? Everyone can participate

  • How do you define your worth?

  • Providing proof for your audience

  • You get stuck in your day job, how do we change it?

  • You need to be online

  • Social media and content forms relationships before you meet

  • Forming contracts when your starting out

  • Taking accountability for your charges to create content

  • Income/Debt risk incurred

  • How many people can you touch with what you can do?

  • Technology has fragmented our attention span, how does it impact what you do?

  • Scheduling time to find peace to keep the quality there

  • Despite how busy were are, the point of it is to give back and deliver value, how do you do it?

  • No matter what job or thing your trying to do, you’ll never be ready for having children


“ Everybody wants to have their own media” - Gregory Schurman

“ I’m at this point where I feel like I’m living a couple of different lives” - Gregory Schurman

“ There’s nothing that we can do thats not risky that the payout wouldn’t be amazing if we succeed” Gregory Schurman

“ Your never gonna be ready, so don’t try and be” Gregory Schurman


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Greg created our intro video and totally killed it! Check it out here

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