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Episode 8: Market Yourself & Shaping Your Mindset After Your First Pitfall W/ Zach Brennan

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Zach Brennan: Photo by Ryan Baker

Episode 8

Let’s take a look at how we market ourselves and our brand. Perception is reality so the way people perceive our brand whether it be personal or business is the reality to the people that don’t know us in person. Zach and I have been in bands since we were in our early teens and often connected up in the same scene in NH an MA. Being in a serious band is like being in a family, relationship, and business at the same time so it’s an interesting perspective to get early in your life.

Zach is a marketer, business coach, fashion influencer, and post-hardcore and rap vocalist so we got a lot of different sides of his voice in some of these matters. Zach got started in the entrepreneurial space when he won funding from a entrepreneurial idea contest in his school program and started his clothing and lifestyle brand Loyal Hearts.

In this episode we talk a lot about marketing and branding yourself or your brand and have a real candid conversation about what we do to get back up when we fail for the first time. Taking risks to get your goals means we will all face failure and the only way to be successful in this space is taking the opportunity to learn and be optimistic about why it played a role in our journey. Mindset is one of the most important tools at being effective leaders and innovators.

In This Episode You’ll Discover

  • How being in bands can be an intro to business: Marketing, networking, community, brand.

  • What traits do you bring in from what your parents don growing up?

  • Shark tank is dank (sorry I’m the worst)

  • Failing doesn’t mean you fail

  • Lifestyle brands

  • Brand

  • How do we bounce back to a low pre-order product launch

  • You know what your “thing” is when you talk about it with energy and eagerness every time, everyday.

  • Mindset

  • What are you good at? What problem can you solve with that?

  • How do we stay in flow state?

  • How you live your life bleeds into your art or your passion positively or negatively and vice versa.

  • Having control, is it things happening to you or things happening?

  • Get feedback from your supporters/consumers! Give the people what they want

  • Passion is a good fuel to have, but you can burnt out passion, habits keep the structure to keep us going

  • Don’t let Dave be your interior designer

  • Evaluating your risks


“ Ok, What are you good at? Because what your good at is what is going to make you the money” - Zach Brennan

“Don’t listen to what you hear on the internet, your gonna please everyone in the world” - Zach Brennan

“ Start asking really good questions and get good at finding out how to get that information” - Co-host Ryan

“ How do you see the adversities that your business faces, is it an issue and its someone else fault and not a good thing, or as shitty as something is on the planet is it there because its part of the hustle and your getting something from it?” - Host Dave Swillum


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