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Episode 7: Venting & Validating What We Do

Updated: Feb 25, 2019


Episode 7

Today is a solo session with a dear friend and my number one place to vent about art and music career things going on in my life. Gregory Scherer also known by his artist name Gregory Dillon is an Indie Pop artist who moved from New Hampshire to New York City after finishing his Audio degree at Plymouth State University with me in 2014. We have a lot of memories working projects together throughout school and afterwards. and stayed connected and supporting each other through out the years as we both face different obstacles and successes in the music industry.

Greg is working to make a living full time as an Indie Pop Artist is at the time of interview recently got picked up by management over seas and released his first big single under the new name called “Alone With You” which I will include in the links section.

In This Episode You’ll Discover

  • People in your industry that you can vent to and be understood

  • Relationships with friends in the industry

  • How do we judge ourselves with our passion?

  • What thoughts and expectations do we have that are toxic?

  • How do you measure success?

  • How self validating affects you

  • How does social media affect your views and expectations?

  • Release your products! You can’t get a response on if its good or not if its not out there

  • The benefits of the grind can pay off

  • Opportunities to people in the game

  • NYC is CRAZY!


“ You can’t be an artist and validate yourself through what people listen to and respond back to, or you can’t be a mixing engineer and respond back to validation from other people from outside views that are non-biased until you release those products” Host Dave

“I wrote this song in a week and I just decided to upload it…..the following morning I woke up to a message saying “Hi are you being managed?” Greg Scherer

“Be more and more and more yourself as much as you possibly can” Greg Scherer


Greg’s Links






Greg’s book recommendation

The Great Work Of Your Life by Stephen Cope

Dave’s book mention

The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber

Greg's single release at the time of podcast

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Dave’s audio business

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