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Episode 3: Going From A Six Figure 9 To 5 To Starting Your Business From The Ground Up!

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Episode 3

Welcome to episode three of the Waking Up From Work Podcast! Woohoo your still with us, thank you! In this episode we get to kick off our interviews with my friend Jesse Harless founder and CEO of Entrepreneurs in Recovery. I was actually trained by Jesse at my sales position four years ago and stayed connected with his path ever since.

I have had numerous calls and meet ups with Jesse to talk about his journey taking the leap from his full time six figure job into selling his house and jumping into entrepreneurship. I figured I should get one of our conversations on the podcast to help others the way Jesse has helped me on the road to entrepreneurship.

In This Episode You’ll Discover

  • How to build daily habits to make small wins create big successes

  • What do you do daily to create change in your life?

  • Who do you surround yourself with?

  • Accountability habits

  • How micro decisions change your end result

  • Have a strong morning routine

  • Jesse reads affirmations in his car!

  • Energy management

  • Does it matter where you live? Jesse is from New Hampshire! You can make it in the country or the city.

  • Tackling fear

  • The universe has your back! If you align with your vision and go after it in a real way the world will support you.

  • Who do you want to serve? Get a CLEAR VISION and align

  • Dave decides he will actually take miracle morning seriously

  • Avoid shiny object syndrome


“At 22 I really had to turn it on, or not turn it on.……I decided to turn it on” Jesse Harless

“ How you start your day determines how you create your life because your day is your life” Hal Elrod

“When you have a big enough why, the how’s come to you” Jesse Harless


Jesse’s Website

Jesse's Book

Jesse's recommended book

The Miracle Morning: For Entrepreneurs by Hal Elrod and Cameron Harold

Will Power Doesn’t Work by Benjamin Hardy

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