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Episode 22 Going After Your Dreams As A Couple & Moving Away For School W/ Meagan Swillum

Co-Host Ryan Carrigan, Charles (my pup), Meagan Swillum (my incredible wife)


Life happens and often happens in a big way. Our best-laid plans can be blown away in an instant by the force of one of the most powerful forces in life; circumstance. In this episode, Dave and Ryan sit down with none other than Megan Swillum! Meg and Dave have had some serious life changes in the works and you'll find out that when the instance changes, numerous things change with it. Meg, Dave, and Ryan dig into what it takes to be flexible, adapt, and roll with the curveballs life throws at us while progressing our goals as individuals and as a couple.

In this episode:

-What the hell has everyone been up to?

-Dealing with rejection

-Finally being accepted

-Communication... Very important

-Same page? Same book, even?

-What it takes to go to med/vet school

-Taking care of relationships

-Balancing individual need and relationship needs

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