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Episode 16: Take Care of Yourself, So You Can Take Care of Others W/ Nourish Mindful Events


On today's episode, the guys are joined by George and Sydney from Nourish Mindful Events. A small pop-up event company, Nourish brings what it means to practice mindfulness and enrich the body to a new frontier. George and Sydney show the power of being a couple and bringing your individual skills to the table and creating something brand new in the process.

George offers invaluable insight on his road from addiction to wellness and prosperity and the role that yoga, meditation, and a proper diet has meant to create a life long structure of success. Nourish Mindful events truly embodies the notion that when you enrich yourself and your process, success can "pop up" out of nowhere. I am very sorry for the puns... 

In this episode you'll Discover: - The benefits of attention - What is mindfulness? - The benefits of a proper diet - What goes into a successful event? - Surrounding yourself with a successful atmosphere  - The safe route v.s. the individual route - The importance of learning from sucking - Types of meditation

- Have people around you doing the same things

- Winning is a marathon, not instant gratification

- Take care of yourself to take care of others

- How do you get into it?


"I continue to give myself tools to keep changing my state and tuning back into the frequency of love." - George Peterson "We want to give people a space to come have fun and substances don't have anything to do with it." - George Peterson "Do something that makes time stand still." - George Peterson

"There's three main things you need to thrive: Community, a set of tools, and some sort of framework for purpose or service" - George Peterson

"Just because your going for it doesn't mean it's instant gratification. You can't just go from 0 to 100, the overnight fame, those people were working their ass off for 10 to 15 year before that then it clicked" - Dave Swillum


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