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Episode 14: Communicating & Creating A Culture W/ Stay True Barbershop


This week, the guys had the pleasure of being on site at Stay True Barbershop in Nashua. During this episode, the guys were able to have a conversation about the in and outs of barbering from an interesting perspective. They were joined by shop owner; Corey Holt, shop manager; Kaleb Dunn, and fresh-faced (and bearded) barber; Aaron Lee. The difference in perspective and personality from each of our guests represented what Stay True is all about; Who you are and what that brings to the table...Also, movie quotes... lots and lots of movie quotes. A trade, a service, and a work of art? The barbering world has many lessons to teach about marketing, clientele management, and the power of social interaction. There is more to barbering than just a mere haircut. Check out more in this weeks episode.

In This Episode:

  • If you don't quote movies, what are you even doing with your life?

  • Having humble beginnings 

  • Transitioning from working by yourself to having others work with and for you

  • Culture and communication

  • How being YOU builds your clientele

  • The power of word of mouth

  • Bad attitudes and what it does to work environment

  • Creating an atmosphere of success

  • What it means to be new in an industry

  • The importance of doing a "good" job

  • "Look good, feel good" mentality and the power of appearance


"I can make you a good barber. I can't make you a good person." -Corey Holt

"I was never going to be happy working for somebody, it just wasn’t my thing.” -Corey Holt

“I’m watching the second Die Hard…. If I finish this trilogy I’m going to be pissed I need some customer!” - Cory Holt

“I don’t really have a job in my opinion I just come in and hang out with my friends all day” - Aaron Lee

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