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Episode 13: Making It Real, By Making Mead W/ Jason & Margot of Ancient Fire Mead Manchester, NH

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

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This week the guys went live on site with Jason and Margot Phelps, the owners of Ancient Fire Mead & Cider in Manchester, NH. An energetic and passionate couple, J & M are taking the craft game by storm with their delicious recipes and vibrant atmosphere. As a cancer survivor, Jason offers a deep and hard-hitting perspective on what it means to chase after that which is meaningful to you. During the episode, our guests offer valuable insight on the craft game and what it takes to make a successful drink while also providing quality service in an entertaining atmosphere. Jason and Margot show the importance of community and the ability for small business to give back. With a great location and a love for each step of the process, Ancient Fire has brewed up a sweet, sweet recipe for success. 

In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • The importance of hobbiesWhen are you pro?

  • Tangibles leading to the real start of your business

  • Falling in love with the creative process

  • Starting a business isn’t clean/linear

  • How flexible are you? What happens if there isn’t anyone else?

  • When your competitors are your friends and your friends are your competitors

  • Knowing your ingredients

  • Tapping into your community

  • Corporate life vs. Self-owned lifeGiving back 


"You're not in the beverage industry, you're in the entertainment industry. 

When you learn this, you can make a successful place." - Jim 

“Your one of us it’s a matter of time” - Margot Phelps

“Being an entrepreneur is all about how you react to things” - Jason Phelps

“Small business, entrepreneurship isn’t clean, Once it you get past that it isn’t clean….there are some things you need to just believe in and a million things you can do and think to reaffirm it.” - Dave Swillum

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Much love guys keep hustling out there! DS

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