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Episode 12: Prove The Concept, Make The Move W/ Vanessa Halliday Photography

Updated: Feb 25, 2019


The opportunities are out there and ready to be seized. That is the type of energy and drive that is given by our guest this week. Vanessa Halliday is a 25-year-old who makes her living as a professional photographer. Vanessa brings a passionate and honest perspective to what it means to have a passion that is also a business. She and the guys deep dive into the decision making on leaving behind old jobs, working your ass off, and the characteristics it takes to bring your work to the next level. Vanessa brings a calculated perspective about what it means to build a self-made business and all the work that comes with it. With some hard work, proper education, and eye for improvement, we are shown that even a small hobby can be worked into a vibrant success. 

In This Episode You’ll Discover:

-Importance of self-discipline

-Proper time management and what it means for the business

-Generational differences 

-Having your work on your mind

-Maintaining a balance between skill and personability 

-Finding new ways to show people your work

-Delaying gratification

-The benefits and blunders of self-criticism

-Wanting what's best for your business and other people

-Knowing the limits of your service


" I am always down to speak about something that I truly care about." - Vanessa Halliday

" It's like proof of concept for a product, will people pay me money for this? Yes? That means that I can do that because people will pay me money for this thing" - Dave Swillum

" Why are you looking at me instead of the 100 different stimuli in that device in your hand?" - Ryan Carrigan

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Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom

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