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Episode 10: Managing Your Energy & Changing Lives "The Goal Outweighs The Instant Gratification"

Updated: Feb 25, 2019


Episode 10

Living in hustle city can be difficult to prioritize and make sure we are taking care to be balanced. Being balanced in physical and mental health, relationships, work, and passion is important to make us effective leaders in our field. Today we talk to a certified personal trainer, online coach, and creator Jake Lospennato. We hit two topics both in the entrepreneurial game of Jake’s transition and movement in his field as well as being physically active to help us have control on our energy when we need it. It’s not easy when we work 14 hour days to find time to work out and to get everything else we need done but I’ve found being active makes me more present and energized to pull off the work load.

Jake went from not being confident or fit in his mental and physical habits through high school and turned to physical performance to create habits to lead him to success and a new business to work from. He try’s to use his coaching and physical programs to get people out of depression and back into the world to crush it. Jake went from working sales to being a personal trainer and hitting online and coaching services to build his income in the career pivot he took into entrepreneurship.

In This Episode You’ll Discover

  • Being physically fit and eating right can help you manage your energy

  • What works for Ryan might work for you

  • Confidence is important to leading, how can we build confidence in ourselves and others?

  • What physical and health plans do you have? What accountability do you have?

  • How does what you do change lives? What value are you giving back?

  • When you don’t do things with purpose and precision you don’t get the rewards your aiming for

  • Prioritizing against instant gratification

  • Do you have accountability in place for your goals?

  • Weakness exposed when your trying to get strong, take credit for allowing your vulnerability to show

  • There are ladders to go up everywhere, don’t be at the top of the wrong ladder

  • Taking risk but calculating the risk

  • When your not your best self, your not the best at what you do best

  • Everything has a price in life, your time, your sleep, your health, your family, your relationships, be careful what you sacrifice because it might cost too much. WHAT IS PRICELESS?

  • Be present

  • Being genuine

  • You can’t support or lead other people until you figure yourself out first


“ I can put in the 14 hour day and I go to bed like I just had a Saturday off” - Host Dave Swillum

“ I don’t care how much I get paid, I just want to get paid to get people healthy and change lives” - Jake Lospennato

“ Everything is an energy game flat out, everything is how you manage your energy and you have more energy when you exercise and eat right, if you don’t have energy all the tasks you have feel heavier and harder to do” - Host Dave Swillum

“ The goal outweighs the instant gratification” - Jake Lospennato

“ When your heart is in it and you truly love it, you find a way to make money” - Jake Lospennato


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Jake’s book recommendations

Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankel

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Road Less Traveled

by Scott Peck

(this one made Jake face some hard stuff)

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