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E98: Being A Communicator: Creative Isn't Linear W/ Mix Engineer Shane Lance



Join me with another mixing engineer today BUT don’t worry we don’t only talk about music and gear we talk about a lot more everyone can get a piece of. Shane is a communicator who uses audio and mixing skills as a vehicle to deliver to clients and friends. He focuses on helping artists get their end result and finding a balanced life in the business. Mix engineer, dad, Tik Tok influencer, and someone who aims to translate what’s being said. Join us in the discussion here!

In This Episode We Cover

  • Staying balanced

  • Living a healthy life as a creative

  • Getting an internship

  • Building your business, no build it and they will come

  • Being a communicator

  • Making communication priority

  • Doing whatever it takes to make the session work right

  • I work for the people who hire me

  • Speaking what you need to speak

  • Healthy relationships value


“I have a healthy and sane life which is unusual in this field so I love to be with people that have healthy minds and are together. I like to build relationships with artists and help them find that.” - Shane Lance

“It’s not a linear path as a creative so you can’t treat it like it’s going to be linear but you have to find some balance to it to make it work.” - Host Dave Swillum

“ Even though this is a beautiful space that doesn’t mean there is a job waiting in it. The solution is to go out and get good at what you do and make relationships with cliental.” - Shane Lance

“Sacrificing mental health is not a prerequisite to success.” - Shane Lance

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