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E96: Staying Focused, Staying Engaged, & Staying In The Game Long Enough To Win It W/ Dave Swillum


When you have that go getter mentality you do a lot and thats awesome, you have to take action to make it happen. BUT it’s really easy to do the wrong or less productive things when you don’t have a schedule or focus on the most important things in the right order. On this episode we talk about having a weekly schedule, time blocking activities, staying engaged with your passion even when you have to be patient.

Dealing with the “slow” times while you are building something can be really hard to not act more than you can. We fill the time we have with the activity so controlling that and shifting our focus and energy to hit our goals is important for anyone getting busy pursuing their passion full time.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Staying focused

  • Staying engaged

  • Dealing with the slow times

  • Having a weekly schedule

  • Getting a lot done and the right things done

  • Time blocking

  • Parkinson's Law

  • Accomplishing our hardest task before noon

  • Giving yourself days down


“I feel good when I’m doing things, it’s a vice of mine to do things.” - Host Dave Swillum

“Giving your self the ability to F$%*$ off, give yourself F$&$ off days.” - Host Dave Swillum

“ The people that get it are the people that stay in the game the longest.” - Host Dave Swillum

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