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E95: Getting Into Youtube, Dealing With Anxiety, & Becoming a Business Owner W/ Tony Arkitect



We all deal with things that make us anxious but not everyone talks about it. On this episode Tony and I sit down and chat through some health issues he dealt with while operating his business and surviving both to tell the tale. Tony owns a gym and has gotten into Youtubing and creating video content for other businesses after doing it for his business himself seeing the trends in marketing.

Tony talks through anxiety, becoming a business owner instead of just owning a business, and why he values creating Youtube and video content. If you’ve dealt with any of these things or want to start a channel yourself come hear us chat on our starting channels.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Starting on Youtube

  • Teaching

  • Starting up

  • Find a niche

  • Content fatigue

  • Isolation & Anxiety

  • Health issues while owning a business

  • Potential life

  • Becoming a business owner


“ Energy and motivation are only half the equation. If you’re applying it in the wrong direction it’s not going to serve you any good.” - Tony P

“ People think you write an employee hand book before you start a business, you write it as you go!” - Tony P

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