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E94: Starting Out With A Full Menu With Three Items On It W/ Craft Curbside



Live on site at a new restaurant concept for this episode. We captured this after hours in my new home town with the owners of Craft Curbside so the audio isn’t perfect but the vibe is spot on. We talk through opening a restaurant experience during COVID times and starting with nothing. Going through coming up with a new concept for your business, keeping low overhead, and making an experience for your community.

Chase, Dylan, & Tyler share how this place came to be, how they started up, and where they want to go. Looking at local impact can make you part of the community you serve instead of just making it where your business is located at. If you want to open a small business, creative restaurant experience, or just do what you love despite the obstacles to overcome this ones for you.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Opening a restaurant during COVID

  • Changing plans

  • Working with a SCORE mentor

  • Starting with nothing

  • Low overhead

  • Building a team

  • Traveling

  • Having a partner that supports our goals

  • Zoning in a town

  • Keeping money in your area

  • Supporting local

  • Being open to feedback


“ Our advantage is that we weren’t open before and we pivoted to something that’s completely different.” - Chase Craft Curbside

“ We pretty much had nothing, we were selling strawberries for day one.” - Chase Craft Curbside

“It ended up being I was crashing on their couches for 6 months 5 days a week then going back to my wife in NH 5 days a week.” - Tyler Craft Curbside

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