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E92: Fish Tank Philosophy: Planning For To Fit The Size Of The Goal


With everyone planning at the beginning of the year and goal setting one of the biggest things I’ve seen go wrong is not planning big enough for the potential you have. If you are working to bring your business or art to a higher scale you may not know what level you can be at until you’re there… how do you plan for that?

A very half truth but I love the saying “A goldfish will grow to the tank size you keep it in” so don’t plan at the level your tank is now, plan for the tank you want to be in or you’ll never grow to your full potential.

Very short episode on how to plan your goals larger than where you are at so you can become a larger gold fish in the future because you have to…..or something!

In This Episode We Cover

  • Goldfish grow to the size of the tank

  • Aiming and planning past your current abilities

  • Planning to “figure it out”

  • Don’t plan to outgrow when you hit it

  • We aren’t aware of what we will know

  • What’s the One Thing?

  • You will fit the shape of the space or challenge you start

  • Give yourself the chance to be bigger than you are now


“ When your planning your next step or your goals for this year, make sure your planning to put yourself in a large fish tank instead of planning based off of what you are aware of right now, you will out grow that right when you reach the goal.” - Host Dave Swillum

“ Give yourself the chance, give yourself the ability for yourself to grow into the ability for a bigger plan than you have now.” - Host Dave Swillum

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