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E89: Holding Accountability On Yourself....I Put A White Board Up In My Dining Room W/ Dave Swillum



As creatives and business owners we always have to pay attention to accountability because often times we are the only one’s that can truly hold ourselves to what we want with habits. 2021 is on the way and many people are in planning and change mode which is GREAT! But it doesn’t mean anything if you can’t keep the good change you introduce into your life. Solo episode on different ways to approach holding yourself accountable, judging your successes and forming habits and rituals that lock in your actions toward what you want.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Accountability

  • We are human

  • Setting something sustainable

  • Project management ideas

  • Habits

  • Don’t over think journaling

  • Adjusting what you need at that time

  • Negative and positives on the other side of the accountability

  • Setting a date

  • Creative project accountability

  • KPI’s


“ You need something in place that’s more than your motivation, more than your energy, your drive, or ambition. You need accountability and that comes through habits that do not fail you.” - Host Dave Swillum

“ Sometimes those people can have less energy than you or be down when you are down and have an adverse affect to working with someone.” - Host Dave Swillum

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