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E88: NH Rocks! The Grass Is Greener Where You Water It W/ Jon Noury-Elliard



Growing up in the granite state, New Hampshire will always be in my blood. I’ve been a part of the local music and arts community there since I can remember and I’m excited to see the new growth and energy going back into it’s communities. Today we talk to Jon founder of NH Rocks. NH Rocks is a community based platform and business connecting communities and small businesses in NH. Working between technology and events they deliver a way to move forward and grow in the state and a future for the youth looking to stay in the state.

We talk on community, the economy of the state and how small businesses need to address media in current time. Discussion on guarding your time and using it as a resource and even automation using tools to save some. Very in depth and technical but plenty philosophical and mental here too.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Acting like a non-profit

  • Community development

  • Changing your states landscape

  • Helping businesses

  • Pivoting digital

  • Living in an older state

  • Education background involved in the work

  • How large and small the universe is at the same time

  • Expedited change

  • Putting out the signal

  • Minimize how much mistakes affect you

  • Opportunity cost

  • Protecting your time


“ They’re working on how do we afford to live in this state and you’re tackling how do we conduct business and keep and grow business here.” - Host Dave Swillum

“ It can happen in the state, you just gotta make it, you have to start.” - Host Dave Swillum

“ It’s as much it is finding people doing what you want to be doing as it is doing what you want to do.” - Jon Noury-Elliard

“ If you’re not putting out a signal to find people, you’re never gonna be found.” - Jon Noury-Elliard

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