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E87: 100 Artist Interviews W/ Simon Pellett of Music On Your Own Terms Podcast


First 3rd time guest here. Why? Because we have been chatting and developing together over our friendship starting our podcasts at the same time in similar subjects so we have a lot to share!

Tonight I interview heavier into Simon as a guest verses a joint episode like we did in the past. I ask him on his experience interviewing almost a hundred artists both signed and Indie. We talk on labels and music business, if artist life or business is for you, and mental health and ethics. Good friends, good time.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Taking a step back from content

  • Schedule and balance

  • Just the creative portion, dividing

  • Deflating COVID Things

  • DIY VS Label for your band

  • Getting time back

  • What will you pay ?

  • Ethics

  • It’s ok not to be ok

  • Why people hate

  • Accepting all

  • Societal expectations

  • Traditions vs how can we


“The guitarist is now waiting tables because his point of view is I don’t want to do the social media thing, I just want to be an artist.” - Simon Pellett

“ I would never give advice to another band, I always tell people to take a second, hang with a lawyer and look at whats in front of you, but I don’t give advice to take it or not because you need context to see if it’s right for you.” - Host Dave Swillum

“ If I never make money from music or I make just enough for putting it up and releasing it I’m kind of ok with that because I’m releasing something past me that will live on forever.” - Simon Pellett



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