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E83: 8 Strings, 4 Phases, & Modern Prog W/ Nicole Papastavrou of Kallias



Not everyone understands instrumental music and in my day to day it can also be challenging to find prog lovers sometimes but we are definitely still out here. Today I wanted to talk on music and hit a different genre than what we’ve covered before. We talk to Nicole of the band Kallias. We chat through finding the right people for your band and keeping it going. Having a plan and changing it, not getting caught up in family or public opinion of what works if you know what does and what doesn’t work by doing.

Check out their new EP, hang with us and talk metal, modern music release, and life as an artist.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Looking for the right parts to your project

  • Non-traditional structures

  • Making a statement with the art with no words

  • Not learning by the book

  • If you take a break you disappear

  • Having a plan, then things change up hard

  • Making a statement with your music video

  • Family values verses your life as it adapts

  • Societal beliefs


“ If you take like a week or two off from shooting content or writing, promoting the band. If your a new band everyone already forgot about you.” - Nicole Papastavrou

“ Everyone believes that until you show them that it’s not true. Everyone says that to you until you do it and tell them to shut up.” - Host Dave Swillum

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