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E82: Having The Strength To Say It Isn't The Right Path & Change It Up W/ Meagan Swillum



It isn’t easy going after your dream and it’s even harder to say it isn’t the right path after giving up so much. My wife Meagan and I sold our house, lived long distance as a married couple for a year (would have been 4) and dealt with depression and other hardships to give her the ability to get into and be a part of a doctoral degree pursuing her Vet degree. After all of that it was difficult for Meg to say it wasn’t the right path but in the process she found what she was meant to do.

While at school Meg was in business clubs and realized she liked the business aspect of running a vet practice but didn’t visualize herself practicing the medicine, just running the business. Listen to the story of what she’s working on now on her own entrepreneurial story and what it’s like to tell your spouse, friends, and family and make a change.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Changing your mind

  • Hitting the world after college

  • Is this the right path?

  • Depression & struggles

  • Pressures of a doctoral program

  • Fate?

  • COVID influence

  • Trying your hardest and not getting the reward

  • Being good in practice doesn’t make a good owner

  • What is the marketing calling for?

  • Short term rentals

  • What are you getting energy from?

  • What’s taking it away?

  • Give yourself time to think


“I was never that type of student that could just roll out of bed and get A’s on my courses. I always had to work for every course to get what I needed.” - Meagan Swillum

“I’m gonna cry for 30 minutes, take a shower, wash it off, then get back to work until 2AM. Give yourself time to think about it.” - Meagan Swillum

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