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E81: More Than An Athlete W/ NFL Running Back, Rapper, & Photographer Jonathan Hilliman



Another episode with another mixed background guest we are excited to chat on. Today we speak with NFL running back, rapper, and photographer Jonathan Hilliman. We speak through the experience of going after the NFL and what it’s like inside. Being more than an athlete and bringing out that creative side through music art, and mindset.

Jonathan speaks to Black Lives Matter prepping for a release focused on it next month and his newest EP out called “Long Over Due” noting a hiatus he took from writing and performing in rap. Discussion around being a renaissance person and doing your best and staying focused on your craft despite how big or small the stage or field is.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Professional sports and creative living

  • Renaissance mind set

  • Breaks

  • Going after the NFL

  • Add something new to your game

  • Be different

  • Don’t think too much about it, just try

  • It’s what you’ve been doing for how long

  • Being more than just an athlete

  • Don’t judge till the end


“It get’s to simplifying the moment and seeing it for what it really is rather than looking around and being like Whoa! You gotta be like we are playing the Washington Redskins at 1 o’clock at Giants stadium.” - Jonathan Hilliman

“When you’re depressed or sad, when you’re in pain, that’s all you can really see, what you’re sad about right now. Even in the dark clouds and the rainy day the sun is still there, but you don’t really see that you say man it’s dark. Don’t judge something until the end of it. It’s not over.” - Jonathan Hilliman

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