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E80: 64 Jobs, 4 Businesses, & Finding Your Purpose W/ Tanner Campbell of Portland Pod



After having 64 jobs and 4 businesses win and fail Tanner is here to talk through where he’s been and what he’s up to now. Today we are joined by Tanner from Portland Pod based in South Portland, ME. Tanner has grown his own podcasts and now works everyday to help others to the same.

He speaks through his story and we talk on a lot about that. Being resistant to the issues that come your way and enjoying the process. Understanding your audience and making connections while still working on your craft to form a the marriage between the two. We all search for meaning and have expectations on when it should be delivered. Let’s talk about when and how that should look. Creative service business, creative life, and getting creative to make that life a reality COVID and beyond.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Resilience

  • Enjoying the process

  • Understanding your community

  • Searching for meaning

  • Changing with the move

  • Ethical choices in business

  • Creating luck

  • Creating the vibe

  • Knowing when it will work

  • Skills gathered from previous roles

  • Success isn’t linear

  • Short cuts aren’t good

  • Business owner verses Entrepreneur


“People don’t like cockroaches but when the nuclear bomb hits they’re the only life left.” - Host Dave Swillum

“You have a path, it’s not destined for you, its the path that you have and you don’t really have a choice about that path but you have choice about what you do with the things that happen to you when you’re on it.” - Tanner Campbell

“There is success and there is prolonged, sustained, feelings of security which is to me what I think success really is.” - Tanner Campbell

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