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E76: Having Your First Baby While Starting Your First Business W/ Coach Jake Lospennato



Another repeat guest now that we are getting two years out from launch a lot has changed. Today is about sharing something I’ve never been able to speak to with certainty but hear a lot of listeners and friends speak on. How do you start a business when you have a kid? We’ve had some amazing guests that do both but I wanted to share a fresh perspective on both the business and being a parent.

Please join me with Coach Jake Lospennato again to speak on being a new father and new business owner full time. It isn’t easy but it can happen and in this episode you’ll hear how if you thought about it before past or pre tense. Talk about societal pressures, having the right partner, being the best you can for your child BY pursuing your dreams, balance, and a lot more.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Having your first child while going after you dream

  • Leaving something you tried hard for

  • Recreating the vision

  • When Income disappears

  • Focusing on being a dad to focus on the dream

  • List out everything that you’ve done

  • Having the right partner

  • Perspective shift

  • Societal norms that get in the way

  • The fear of having kids and being stopped

  • There is no 100%

  • Boundaries

  • Balance


“We didn’t plan to have a child, it was a surprise. Ashley is a rockstar mother and it helps so much because she supports me to be able to do what I do. Having a partner like that, I’m not sure everyone has a partner that’s that supportive. If your partner isn’t that supportive. Really put some thought into if you want a partner like that if you are trying to transition into a business.” - Jake Lospennato

“ It’s always a work in progress, you’ll never be 100%.” - Jake Lospennato

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You Were Born Rich

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The Secret

By Bob Proctor

Dr. Joe Dispensa

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