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E69: Crafting A Business & Choosing Your Story W/ Hilary Lane of Craft Business Builders



This week is a blend of how to brand a business aesthetically in person and digitally and how to create an experience. We hang with Hilary Lane of Craft Business Builders who talks on her story of starting her first business when she was 26 and going through realizations of what she did and didn’t want out of a business. Finding the parts we love and going all in.

We speak through rejection and ways of making things work to get going along the way. After speaking through Hilary’s story we dive into speaking on knowing what type of business owner you are in your creative business and what it is trying to portray. Great blend of creative business, real estate, branding, and a story that will make you feel like you aren’t alone when things get tough along the way.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Trial by fire

  • Bigger picture

  • Don’t take no

  • Ratings

  • What part of the business do you love?

  • Getting out when its wrong

  • Break

  • Friends moving, finding location

  • Separating different brands

  • What’s your message?

  • How can you not afford it?


“ Really, I feel like I can do a lot, but I’m not being given the opportunity to do everything I wanna do here and I’m not being challenged anymore. If I go to another job I feel like I’m just a dime a dozen.” - Hilary Lane

“ Do whatever you have to do, guerrilla warfare to make it so you can do what you want to do.” - Host Dave Swillum

“ I hate knowing how hard it is to run a business and how many of them are going to fail.” - Hilary Lane

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