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E67: Creative Melting Pot & Navigating The Events Industry Through COVID & On W/ Tim Messina

E67: Creative Melting Pot & Navigating The Events Industry Through COVID & On

I would say most of us believe creatives create more together. Today we speak to owner and founder Tim Messina of live event production company Events United and creative shared space Studio Lab both based out of the granite state.

We talk about the mojo that comes from many different creative coming together in one space or for one purpose and the meaning and start to his businesses. Briefly touch in on finance and starting lean, navigating the COVID crises in the events industry, and the future of the industry and innovation. Lot’s to chew on here in business and creative.

In This Episode We Cover

  • The first investment to start

  • Choosing a business name

  • Working as a melting pot

  • Passions that are slightly different

  • How we use our time

  • Working with what you have

  • Adapt or die

  • Event Industry through COVID

  • Pushing virtual production boundaries


“ If we don’t have the money then we aren’t in a place to own it.” - Guest Tim Messina

“ If we break our lives into thirds, we have a third of our life where we are basically sleeping, a third of our life we are at home doing errands and things, and the last third we are working. One is sleeping thats fine but I want to make sure the other two we really love both.” - Guest Tim Messina

“ The creatives are here, they live in different pockets and spots they just need more places to meet and create at, they are here.” - Host Dave Swillum x

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