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E64 Running Your First Marathon W/ Dave Swillum


This year I decided one of my 2020 goals was to run my first marathon. I scheduled the earliest one I could find in NH and booked it without knowing how I would train to get myself there never running more than 3 miles. COVID hit and canceled my marathon until next year but I wrote the goal this year. I decided to run it with my friend Nadine who has been helping me train from the beginning and we made it happen running from Portsmouth, NH to Wells, ME. We were pumped to raise about 2k for charities and was able to prove to myself that when I am passionate about a goal and set a date I will find out how it’s going to happen in the given amount of time no matter what.

I don’t think a marathon is for everyone and encourage you to find what that is for you. But I think everyone can benefit from training or working towards something that SEEMS impossible but once it’s set you figure out how it WILL happen. Let’s talk on E64

Thank you of you who supported and donated !

In This Episode We Cover

  • What is it like to train for a marathon?

  • How can training help me?

  • Year goals

  • Set a date, make it happen

  • Getting rid of bad energy

  • Mental health

  • Accountability

  • Trust your gut!

  • If you want it, you can have it, think therefore I am

  • Stretch goal

  • Give yourself the win


“If I wrote something down as a goal, it’s happening.” - Dave Swillum

“Sometimes you have no idea how something is possible at all, but you have to actually know it’s going to happen. Not in a way where you doubt yourself saying it’s going to happen, but in a way where your gut trusts its possible even if you don’t know how yet.” - Dave Swillum

Dave’s Recommended Book

Think & Grow Rich

by Napoleon Hill

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