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E63: Life Long Race & Housing Pressures W/ Sarah Wrightsman



Sarah is the other half of the Creative Guts Podcast. We spoke to Laura last week and wanted to get the other piece of the picture by speaking with Sarah and what makes her great. Sarah is passionate about work force housing working on the frontlines in NH to help keep people in the state and help them with the overhead living we face here and is a multifaceted creative.

Sarah I and hang out and talk on what it’s like to get into your more creative side later in life, finding your creative abilities in everything you’ve done before, judgement and running your race and enjoying it. We also talk on overhead pressures economically and housing on millennials growing up going after what they want.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Gut reaction

  • “Baby Deer Mode Creative”

  • Functional Background

  • Not racing towards success

  • Enjoy the time

  • Alternative living

  • What needs to be done?

  • Housing and economic pressures


“ I think it’s going to be this life long race where I enjoy the process forever instead of thinking I can’t wait to be good enough or try to spring to being good.” - Sarah Wrightsman

“ Pick up an art, it doesn’t even matter what it is, pick up anything. Don’t even learn it to be great at it, just learn it to learn it.” - Sarah Wrightsman

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