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E62: Wait How Many Creatives? Managing All Your Creative Paths W/ Laura Harper Lake of Creative Guts



Welcome back! This week is another podcast cross pollination! We speak with Laura Harper Lake of Artful Harper Studios and Creative Gut’s Podcast. After having the opportunity to be on Laura podcast I really wanted to grab some of their spirit and chatter to bring back here. Laura does MANY physical and digital art forms and music as well. She is as creative as they come. By day Laura works with businesses to help them design their websites and branding for a NH non-profit and by night she works to create in all other capacities under her own name and business.

Today we talk on doing multiple creatives and interests and what that means. We speak on the meaning behind having creative guts and needing to do what you are meant to do in those means. Lot’s of goodies in this episode for any creative looking to do what they love around the clock and maybe being too much like Laura in I doing 1 million things at once because you love to.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Jack of all trades, master of none?

  • Primary creative

  • Digital v Physical

  • In the moment v planned

  • Still putting yourself out there

  • Different creatives and common pieces

  • Best at the craft or best in general?

  • Side quests

  • Refresh

  • Distraction or pursuing new paths?

  • Know your bandwidth


“ It’s scary being a creative and putting yourself out there.” - Laura Harper Lake

“The more we connect, the more peace there will be” - Laura Harper Lake

“ I don’t think that I’m the best audio engineer, I don’t think I’ll ever be, and the reason is because quite frankly I don’t think thats the point. If I’m the best audio engineer in the entire planet but I can’t relate or get the emotion out of an artist, or work with them to get the right thing then does it matter?” - Host Dave Swillum

Laura Harper Lake & The Creative Gut’s Podcast Links

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Laura’s Recommended Resources

Loish (Artist that inspires Laura)

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