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E61: Where Business & Creative Collides: How Bad Do YOU Want It & Why W/ Sean Giovanni of The Record


Welcome back to the podcast! This week Dave connects with sonic story teller Sean Giovanni aka Giovanni aka Gio. Sean is the founder of The Record Shop in Nashville, TN and has worked with artists like John Legend, Big & Rich, Tim McGraw, Zakk Wylde, The Wallflowers, and Juicy J. If you aren’t an audio nerd like Dave no problem. The guys go deep into the intersection of business and creative and how to manage it.

Sean brings great info on managing a schedule, getting clear on your why and putting steps in to place to do it. We discuss not distracting while not ruling out opportunity and some of the goods and bads behind being a creative and how to make them work for you.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Making a living writing and recording music

  • Making decisions young

  • The process

  • The value of a relationship over just a network

  • Bring value, support each other

  • If there aren’t extra positions, it doesn’t mean there isn’t opportunity

  • Creatives Can do a lot, but SHOULD they do it all?

  • Don’t diversify just because you can

  • How bad do you want to be successful?


“ The really great opportunities started to come when I was able to clearly articulate what it was that I intended for my career, what I was going after, and what my skill sets were. Initially when I was starting to apply for internships or jobs one of the big reasons why I didn’t get a lot of responses back was because I sent the same email to that studio manager that dozens did everyday.” - Sean Giovanni

“ We’re not supposed to be the person that’s just willing to do everything even though YOU SHOULD be willing to do everything, you don’t want to lead with that.” - Sean Giovanni

“Don’t follow the money and do things that are a revenue stream that you see opportunity for money in. Anyone in that headspace of an entrepreneur or creative has that ability to create new ways thats what we are good at but if you do it and follow it you may find yourself in a spot where it’s really hard to do the right things because your heart isn’t in it. If you go all in on what you love in a smart way there is a way to make money there and you will stay your authentic self in the space.” - Host Dave Swillum

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