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E60: A Community Of Women Entrepreneurs & Navigating A Relationship Owning A Business W/ Emily Aborn



Going after your dreams can be lonely, hard on your relationships, and expedites large changes in life. Today we are joined by Emily Aborn host of the She Built This Podcast and founder of the She Built This community working with women entrepreneurs around NH to share their stories.

We go through navigating a relationship when both partners are business owners, changing when the business you started isn’t what you thought or wanted, and building a network of people you can vent to and learn from if you don’t feel like you have a circle of who you need to discuss in depth.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Creating an event, facebook group, and podcast

  • Women entrepreneurs

  • Loneliness of entrepreneurship

  • Networking to find your place

  • Using your content strengths

  • Not limiting ourselves by plans set

  • Always room to change what you do

  • Owning a business isn’t a dream if you don’t enjoy it

  • Feedback as couples in businesses

  • Combined firepower as a couple

  • Entrepreneurs parents and family

  • Use your gut


“ I felt like I was really doing this whole entrepreneur thing completely alone. I would get up everyday, go to the store, come home, get up everyday, go to the store go home. That’s not what I thought being an entrepreneur was like, I thought you were in this thing all of you together and supporting one another.” - Emily Aborn

“ We were both in the same business but it was like we were speaking different languages because we were experiencing such different aspects of the business.” - Emily Aborn

“This desire has been in me since I was a little kid, it’s just this constant tapping on my shoulder that I cannot make go away.” - Emily Aborn

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