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E59: Online Music Festivals Keeping The Scene W/ Granite State Online Music Festival's Curtis Arnett


Every community has worked to find it’s own way to keep connected, keeping creating, and keep supporting each other through these times. The music industry certainly isn’t any different. I had the opportunity to live stream with my band on social an on a few online music festivals and really saw the power of the continued connection with you local scene, continuing to find a way to do what we love, and engage with fans when they need us just as much as we need them.

Today I spoke with with Curtis Arnett Concord, NH local musician that has always had a positive impact on our local music scene, well known playing with so many groups so often. Curtis started the Granite State Online Music festival so we chat on the impact that has had, what it looks like heading into the future and how musicians and music scene can connect with these events.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Playing to your strengths

  • Organization to a project or event

  • Forming new norm spaces for the same industries and creatives

  • Starting an online music festival and streaming your shows

  • Timing to make new ways when things

  • The good in technology

  • Technology in fields that were behind

  • Tools for DIY artists in the new age

  • Community

  • Charity and giving


“We’ve had zoom, we’ve had skype, we’ve had the ability to do all these things for years, now all of the sudden when we have to use these things we are catapulted into this thing, I don’t think its coming back the same way.” - Host Dave Swillum

“ I believe live music will be one of the last things to return to pre-pandemic” - Curtis Arnett

“I’ve seen people I would never imagine doing a Skype call or doing something that wouldn’t normally, people have adapted already a few weeks into this thing, technology that was foreign to a lot of people has been normalized in a lot of ways. That’s really exciting when you consider local music is very DIY right now. It’s another technology that helps that.” - Curtis Arnett

“There’s no true replacement for being at a live event. That said, there’s a lot of cool stuff you can do with live streaming and digital media to create an entertaining fulfilling experience.” - Curtis Arnett

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Zooo Crew

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