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E56: Mind Blown: Expanding The Size Of The Tank We Swim In W/ Ryan & Dave

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There are cycles in everything in life including when we have our mind opened and closed. Today we talk on some recent encounters and moments in our lives when our universe got BIGGER. When we put ourselves into learning environments and situations that expand what we know or understand is possible we encourage more growth periods.

Today Ryan speaks on a recent webinar that expanded his universe in professional VO and Dave talks on some times when mentors blew his mind for audio to challenge him to get better. As creatives we all need non-bias external voices to not only encourage but force growth in our lives.

In This Episode We Cover

  • That feeling

  • Those moments with larger fish

  • Challenging yourself or new growth

  • The world always gets bigger

  • Taking critique in stride

  • Depth from professionals

  • Getting professional opinion

  • Process of refinement

  • Always get hungry

  • The feeling comes in cycles


“ I guess it’s not something I haven’t experience before but it was that process of something you’ve seen brought even deeper.” - Co-host Ryan Carrigan

“ It was sobering, eye opening, and informative all at the same time, a slap in the face, it was real as fuck.” - Co-Host Ryan Carrigan

“ We went back and forth and I sent the same thing back around 30 to 40 more times. I thought I was done and some went 30 to 40 times more of saying you aren’t done…..” - Host Dave Swillum

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