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E54: Go Giver: What Can You Give Away For Free? W/ Dave


Another quick one for you to juice up your day. This isn’t an episode for someone who needs to make income quickly, it’s for those that may have some extra time or have the ability to plant some seeds for long term success with your creative business.

What can you do right now for free? Today? I really believe in the power of giving and that the more you give the more you receive in life. Lately I have been really energized by finally finishing the Go Giver book and have seen some great success from personal and friend stories of giving away your best things in life and in return receiving the best things in life. Let’s talk

In This Episode We Cover

  • Seed planting time

  • Changes in conversation & approach

  • Everyone is in the same boat, human mood

  • What are you offering? What do they have?

  • Economy facts and what can be done

  • Prepping for the boom to follow

  • Go Giver

  • What can you offer for free that doesn’t feel like work?

  • Build, build, build

  • Entertainment v. Education which one?


“I really believe right now is a seed planting time” - Host Dave Swillum

“People are more available right now, they are more down to earth and into what they care about and are focused on.” - Host Dave Swillum

“Get equity from you as a person right now.” - Host Dave Swillum

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