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E51: Getting Digital NOW: Small Biz & Artists Migrating Offerings Online W/ Dave



Following up on last weeks episode Dave goes solo on a shorter episode to expand on bringing your brick and mortar or less digital business to online offerings.

Following on the COVID-19 impact on small business and creative living we all need to be offering a way for people and consumers to interact and engage with our brands digitally so we can move forward through this and into the way people will inevitably change from the prolonged period of living this way. It doesn’t matter if you do yoga, record bands, serve food, run shows, everyone needs to have a digital offering right now to save income, create new income, and provide what society wants after these times. Let’s talk about getting digital when we need to most.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Bringing income back

  • How to serve online

  • What NEEDS to be in person v. what CAN be done online

  • Digital offerings seeing more give tele-med, beer/food delivery, digital delivered learning.

  • How can your consumer consume your creative or business now?

  • Demographic changes afterwards

  • Long tail effect on the world

  • Convenience

  • Entertainment

  • What will carry forward?

Mentioned Biz: 

The Nook Yoga Studio KY

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