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E50: Pivoting When The Market Changes: COVID-19 Transitioning W/ Dave & Ryan



The world is unlike anything we’ve experience during the current pandemic dealing with Covid-19 which means we are facing economic and career changes we’ve never encountered before as creatives as well.

Tune in to hear the guys talk about some stories and strategy to navigating, pivoting, and adapting during a time when the world is functioning differently and paying for different things. There are ways creatives are pivoting and continuing to succeed as well as other ways people are getting stumped by an extremely hard and complicated problem in their business and lives. Let’s chat about getting through it and moving through a new market with our creative lives.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Changing daily health and living habits

  • Transitioning into a different work life

  • Stimulating creative v. stumping

  • Hierarchy of needs before you can create

  • What can I do?

  • Control v. What we can’t control

  • New opportunities, new market

  • Exposing new norms

  • Working ON your business when you can

  • Productivity


“ It’s really hard to make things happen when you don’t have all the things that you need.” - Host Dave Swillum

“ You can’t reject something just because it’s not the way you’ve been doing it. If what your doing is baring better results or giving more benefits then it doesn’t matter. I don’t hold value in anything you’ve done in your life just because you’ve done it that way a million times, its what is the best way?” - Host Dave Swillum

“You need to act as business as usual as much as you can while understanding what’s not business as usual to find a way.” - Co Host Ryan Carrigan

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