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E49: Social Anxiety, Shyness, & Using Your Personality As A Tool W/ Mark Metry


Everyone can be shy sometimes or have anxieties about social environments. Shyness or being an introvert is perfectly fine but we need to find ways to make sure the characteristics benefit us instead of prohibit us from growth. I see a lot of creatives with mental health problems and honestly sometimes that helps us create our best art but can often give us trouble too.

Some of the most creative times in my life that I’ve written my best songs, produced the best content, or been the most real have been when I’ve been in pain or facing anxieties but it’s always something to work on and control for the better not allowing it to control us.

Today we speak to Ted X speaker, host of the Humans 2.0 Podcast, and newly created author of “Screw Being Shy” Mark Metry who I met at a conference a few months back in Lowell seeing him speak on this. We talk through seeing your own type and creating a path to use the way you are and work on things you need help with.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Your not the only one that feels like you do

  • Talking about it

  • Using shyness or your personality for strength

  • Facing fear How most experience it

  • Awareness

  • Different forms of anxiety

  • Science based approach

  • People uses vice’s to drown out the voice

  • Band Aid Solutions

  • American diet feeding anxiety

  • Chemical behavior

  • Modern work life over evolution of human behavior


“ It’s totally fine to be an introvert and to be quite, but if your shy and you can’t really be yourself in front of other people that’s going to put up boundaries in your life.” - Mark Metry

“ When your mind get’s stretched like that you can’t ever go back so the only other way is to drown out the voice.” - Mark Metry

“Your mind either exists in the present or the past.” - Co-Host Ryan Carrigan

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