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E48: Using Business For Your Band W/ James Cross of The Better Band Bureau Podcast


Why should a band use business characteristics? Check out this conversation between host Dave Swillum and James Cross from the Better Band Bureau Podcast. Starting off in local radio James got into audio and working with music. He went on to work on Van’s Warped Tour for three tours working in merchandise and sponsorship and now runs a recording studio in VT.

Between Dave’s experience playing and touring with rock and hardcore bands in New England and James experience in the industry in multiple roles we really lay out a conversation about why and how to integrate business into your band or art.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Why treat a band like a business?

  • Results

  • How much to spend/why?

  • Marketing your band

  • What bands does this work for?

  • Hobby vs. non-action

  • What’s your role in the band?

  • Sectioning your time

  • Brand Branding past the page


“Band’s who take the business side of things seriously are much more likely to succeed even if they are inferior musically to other bands.” - James Cross

“When you understand business, it’s just easier to make the right decisions.” - James Cross

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