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E46: Go Start A Podcast Today W/ Dave


Hey guys check out the episode to hear how today had a few curve balls but we are here no matter what. Solo shorter episode with Dave today to talk about why you should start a podcast (or some other consistent content) for your hobby, creative career, or business. Recently we have been contacted by three or four people asking insight on launching a podcast in the past month so I wanted to dive in a bit and talk out some of the things I've encouraged them on and some things I wish I had someone pushing me along to do a few years back.

Join me for a quick commute, dog walk, etc. to talk about why you should come home from work your working whatever your doing to start something that connects you with the people and places you want to be now

In This Episode We Cover-

Reasons to start

- Other forms of content best for you

- Common hesitations

- Who should podcast?

- What type of content can you create?

- When to start- Is the market saturated?

- Equipment v. content

- Start

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