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E45: PR For Bands & Businesses W/ Nicole of Rough Edge Media


All press is good press… It’s what we’ve heard but let’s dive in a bit. Today the guys talk to Nicole from Rough Edge Media about PR for bands and businesses. Not sure what PR is? Know what it is but don’t know where to start? This episode was built for you.

We discuss how to implement PR on your own time, what things you can hire someone to go deeper on and how to use PR as a tool to change the perception of your creative life. We all should know who we are or how we perceive ourselves but knowing how the public views you and your endeavors is also very important. What can you do to work on it? Let’s see.

In This Episode We Cover

Who is your audience?

What can you do in your own ?

Genre based PR for music

Press release or press kit to send out

Don’t copy and paste

Be authentic

Connect first

What’s spam and what’s hustle to reach out?

Camping food



Business v casual

Actions that change perception

Perception is reality


“Your trying to do guerrilla marketing and your trying to save money until you make it big and if you make it big. Let’s be real here there’s so many people out there, there’s so much competition but if you keep trying, do your research, and except the rejection and get past it you can be successful” Nicole Rough Edge Media

“Research reflect, research more” Nicole Rough Edge Media

“There’s a lot of tips I’m sure you know because you’ve been doing this but what I got from that essentially on how to get on these playlists? How do we get on these blog? Ultimately your saying so the f#@$ work” Host Dave Swillum

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