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E44: How To Run An Event & Create A Community W/ Erin Of E Studio Events

Updated: Mar 9, 2022


Join us today talking how to create and run an event for your brand or passion with Erin Neuhardt from E Studio Events. I met Erin while working live sound and we clicked during our first meet up so I wanted to share some of the things that have made her really successful in the entrepreneur and speaking engagement event space.

I really believe that no matter how small you may be or think you are there is space for you to host some type of event even if it’s a reoccurring get together with like minded people. People are craving human interaction and want to be apart of a community so let’s give them a place to. Here’s to hoping the podcast can host an event some day and talk about the details of how it’s done right with Erin.

In This Episode We Cover

Everyone can do an event

Realistic expectations

Solo artists can host great events


Make the connection last after

Be authentic

Shiny object syndrome

Experience vs the things

What are you known for?


“We are in a space in time where we are all behind computers so often that being in community in one another is HUGE and I think that live events allow us to get out from behind the computer and get together.” - Erin Newhardt

“Decide on those top two or three things that are super important to you that you don’t want to compromise on. Being clear on what it is that you want to put out there and how you want to show up to your audience.” - Erin Neuhardt

“You can’t sustain success unless it’s built on genuine intent on how to serve something or someone.” - Host Dave Swillum

“People pay to experience something, if they don’t walk out of your event and feel something different inside them then they aren’t going to keep coming back to your event” - Host Dave Swillum

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