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E40: Don't Quit Your Day Job......Yet W/ Dave & Ryan

Updated: Jan 19, 2020


Everyone has told you never to quit your day job, we’ve always told you TO quit it……today we aren’t. Ok let’s back track. We really want you to when it makes sense but we want you to set up your jump for a long term win and marathon win over a short term feeling of fulfillment that isn’t backed by strong risk mitigation.

Hear how Dave and Ryan have set their year up with day jobs to use the funds and time to attack their creative careers. We dive into the thoughts and feelings behind why people jump too early or too late from their day job and how it can best serve you. EVERYONE is in a different unique situation and only you can know what is serving you and your mission and WHEN it makes sense. Let’s talk it out, feel better about they WHY behind our choices, and see how we can make our day job serve our business and creative lives.

In This Episode We Cover

Does your day job serve you?

When to jump?

Why you should keep it

Why you shouldn’t

Ways it can play out

Using your resources

What’s in your way and what are YOU doing about it?

Why it’s important to time it right

Preparing Actions vs. planning and the delta

The plan

Dave and Ryan’s new planning for 2020


“ I want to be invincible. I want to still do the jump, but I want it to be as small as possible. I don’t want to be knocked out on the first punch, I want three to six months of curve balls that I can’t expect and being able to survive through them. It’s about what can I do to eat more shit, put my head down, and get to that spot?” Host Dave Swillum

“When we say plan, I’m not talking 2020 resolution, what is the plan? What are you going to being doing during the day? What’s an actual day to day look like?” Co-host Ryan Carrigan

“ Doing things to set yourself up for a long term win. I’m not in this to just make nothing, not support my family, and feel bad about shit. I want to create things that are creating income without me being there only. I need to create businesses and assets that aren’t a 1:1 ratio, I want to die 100 doing what I love not 5 years of fire then burn out quick.” - Host Dave Swillum

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