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E38: Basement Music For NFL Placement W/ Dominic Mosher of Mosher Audio in Michigan



Today we talk to Dominic Mosher of Mosher Audio out of Michigan to walk through getting connected through genuine interest in others, forming a life around your creative career to support it, and changing your contact with friend groups that may be helping or hurting your goals.

Dominic started writing music for licensing in the NFL and other large brands from a simple conversation and works to record music for his band the Highlight Reel and other bands in the Michigan area. Join us during your busy holiday season driving through crazy traffic or walking through retail stores to stay on point with your creative career and prepare for 2020.

In This Episode We Cover

- Genuine interest in others

- Connecting with the right people

- Small thing’s add upSetting boundaries to set up for success

- Spending less time with those that slow you down

- Passive people effect

- Staying focused

- Keeping balanced in your connection life

- Physical vs. mental day job, mental currency

- Patience as an entrepreneur


“You just have to keep writing, you just have to keep writing.” - Dominic Mosher

“It’s all those little tiny details that add up to that one beautiful piece of music, it means more because you know what went into it.” - Dominic Mosher

“There can be a passive effect from those you surround yourself with” - Host Dave Swillum

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